Final Rounds - D Class
      QuarterFinals :    Sep 18 (Wed) - Sep 24 (Tue)
      SemiFinals :    Sep 25 (Wed) - Oct 1st (Tue)
      Final :    Oct 2 (Wed) - Oct 8 (Tue)


     If you have not contacted the opponent 2 days before
     the end of the period, you will lose if you have not contacted.

Update: 09/18/2019 09:58:53

No. UserID Country QuarterFinals SemiFinals Final
1 yk4451 Japan Aleph
won by resign
-- --
2 Aleph United States
3 hinatan Russia Sep 18(Wed)
PM 1:00(UTC)
Sep 18(Wed)
PM 10:00(JST)
4 kokeaki Japan
5 Diri Indonesia Sep 19(Thu)
PM 12:00(UTC)
Sep 19(Thu)
PM 9:00(JST)
6 SHINHAN Malaysia
7 Mashgeria7 Ukraine Sep 20(Fri)
AM 5:00(UTC)
Sep 20(Fri)
PM 2:00(JST)
8 kurobuta Japan

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